4 Critical Stages in B2B Marketing Campaign Lifecycle

The B2B Marketing campaign life-cycle can be broken down into 4 critical stages. It describes the stages a B2B marketing campaign goes through to get desired results. The purpose of any B2B marketing campaign is to support company's sales efforts and improve profitability. The B2B marketing campaigns include various communication aspects to generate leads. B2B lead generation is done primarily through email marketing, telemarketing, webinars, whitepapers, trade sows etc.

There are 4 critical stages in the life of any B2B marketing campaign. The stages are as follows:

1. Vision / Insight - All marketing campaigns start with an idea. And an idea is the result of a vision. A company's marketing vision enables them to understand their customer / clients and their requirements. A company's marketing vision should not be be directed by assumptions rather it should be supported by a solid market research on what their valued customers want. The marketing vision involves carefully analyzing marketing conditions, company's financial data, target customer requirements and behavior.

2. Strategy - Developing a marketing strategy provides your business a competitive edge over the other companies in the same industry. Brainstorming on your marketing goals, objectives, tactics, marketing channel before hand obviously improves your marketing campaign. Understand your target audience well in case of B2B marketing. remember that yo would be dealing with experts in the industry who happen to be business professionals.

3. Creative - In the B2B sphere being creative is completely different than that of B2C sphere. Here your target audience is the professional from the industry looking for some valuable information, sales metrics, case studies etc. Try to include infographics, webinars, whitepapers in your marketing campaign. That's what interests such business professionals. Deliver information that is visually pleasing, relevant and beneficial for the reader.

4. Metrics - The idea behind building a reliable tracking and measurement process is to analyze the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Which metrics to include and which not makes a lot of difference. Each and every aspect of the marketing campaign has to be closely monitored in order to analyze the efficiency of the marketing campaign. Testing your marketing campaign before help companies increase their ROI by 70%.


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