What Is NOT Lead Nuturing

What is lead nurturing? How does one define lead nurturing? Jon Miller, VP of Marketing at defines lead nurturing:Lead nurturing is the process of building a relationship by conducting an informative dialog that helps qualified prospects who are not yet sales-ready, regardless of budget, authority, or timing and of ensuring a clean hand-off to sa

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Sending Emails From Salesforce Will Never Be The Same Again

They just got better. There's a lot of buzz at the Nurture camp this week as we get ready to officially throw open "" which has been in the works for some time. It has been developed as an appexchange application which can easily be added to any existing account and setup very quickly. The application will help sales persons using Activity trackin

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Lead Nurturing - Tracking Lead Activity On Your Website

It's a good sign when a prospect who has received an email from your company opens it. It's a better sign when they open and read an email multiple times and it's an even better sign when someone clicks through and actively reviews content on your web site. That's when you know you have a lead that's absorbing the content you've developed on your s

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Lead Nurturing - Bringing The Dead Back To Life

I don't literally mean "dead people" although it would be a great advancement in technology if lead nurturing could do that. I mean bringing dead leads back into the sales pipeline using . A lot of companies gather leads over long periods of time through various channels and somewhere along the line, they get marked "cold" or "dead" in the CRM and

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How To Plan A Simple Lead Nurturing Program

A common question for those who are out looking to set up their own for the first time is "how do I plan a campaign?". Having a in place is just the first step. To get a nurturing program from planning stages to execution can be challenging the first time around and there are no fixed definite formulas which if followed will guarantee you a fixed r

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Lead Nurturing Programs To Boost Customer Retention Activity

A lot of focus has shifted to customer retention from new customer acquisition ever since company budgets dried up with the sluggish economy. Although I'm not a believer in the strategy that companies should stop looking at new customers altogether and focus their activity towards retaining existing ones, customer retention as well as upselling to

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