Can I edit a campaign?

Yes. An email campaign can be edited any number of times by clicking on the Edit icon against the campaign name. If a campaign was created by choosing On a Date condition (i.e Date based campaign), it cannot be changed to On a Condition (Trigger campaign) and vice versa. You can make any other changes that you want.For a Date based campaign, if th

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Can I delete a campaign?

A campaign can be deleted by clicking on the Delete icon against the name of the campaign. Once deleted, a campaign cannot be recovered again. So, be sure before deleting a campaign. If you are not sure whether you may need that camapign again, you can use the archive campaign option instead of deleting.

How do I create a new campaign?

A Campaign is the tool that you will be using to define the criteria to send emails. You can create a Date based or Trigger based campaign. A Date based email campaign can be created in the following way : 1) Click on the Automation tab. 2) On the left pane, click on Email campaigns. 3) Click on the Add New Email Campaign button seen on the rig

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What is the Refresh Counts action button for?

If your campaign has been launched and the emails have started going out, the opened email, clicked link, browsed page activities start getting recorded and updated continuously. You need not refresh or reload the entire page to check the updated counts. You can just click on Refresh counts icon against the campaign name, the updated counts for tha

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How do I pause a campaign?

If you want to pause a campaign, you can do so by clicking on the pause icon against the campaign that is currently active. After you click, the icon should change to play.NOTE:For Date based campaigns, if the campaign has already been launched, it cannot be paused.For Trigger based campaigns, if the campaign is launched and you click the pause cam

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How do I test a campaign?

Testing a Campaign before it is sent to all your contacts is very important. There may be some issues in the email template that are not easily visible. You can be assured that an email will be displayed correctly only after you see one in your inbox. Nurture allows you to get a copy of the email using the Test Campaign option. The Test campaign bu

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