Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

If you thought, Marketing automation has nothing too exciting to scream about, think again. Marketing automation does lot more than you expect. And the plus point, it does it neat and efficient. To mention a few things that a marketing automation software does for you are: - it tracks visitors on your website - keep a check on real-time sales aler

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Barriers to Successful Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation can be defined as an automated process that aligns and streamlines all your marketing processes like customer segmentation and customer data integration. It is the fastest growing solution for marketers and sales professionals. Marketing Automation also enables complex marketing activities that are very difficult to execute man

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4 Critical Stages in B2B Marketing Campaign Lifecycle

The B2B Marketing campaign life-cycle can be broken down into 4 critical stages. It describes the stages a B2B marketing campaign goes through to get desired results. The purpose of any B2B marketing campaign is to support company's sales efforts and improve profitability. The B2B marketing campaigns include various communication aspects to generat

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Essentials of Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing is he process of building relationship with the prospects with a motive to initiate a buying action. In B2B environment, the main purpose of a lead nurturing campaign is to create awareness about the service or product offerings. These emails eventually educate prospects about the key offerings and benefits they get if at all they bu

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How to Make Most Out Of Your Marketing Automation System

We have heard people talking about benefits of marketing automation. They believe that marketing automation system help marketers achieve desirable results. It is by far the most effective, reliable and a faster way to improve marketing results and accountability. Investing in a marketing automation is the first step to improve marketing results. B

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Dos & Don'ts of Marketing Automation

The marketing automation systems are intended to enable marketers to create sophisticated and engaging campaigns that automatically responds to customer behavior. Marketing automation help marketers to perform complex and time consuming tasks like lead management, lead scoring, lead nurturing and off-course CRM integration. In simpler term, marketi

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Lead Generation Statistics

We understand that lead generation is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. A B2B marketer's job doesn't stop at lead generation. Rather this is the point when a marketer should focus more on lead nurturing.Following are some of the mind blowing statistics about lead generation that would allow you to understand the importance of lead gene

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