Key to Successful Lead Nurturing

B2B companies around the world have number of leads in their CRM system which are not sales ready. They have entered the CRM but ain't ready to buy as of now. Chances are that they may convert into sale in future. This is the point where many marketers go wrong. They believe, lead nurturing stops when a lead enters into the CRM system. But the trut

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Lead Nurturing Myths and Realities

Lead nurturing is a process that enable marketers to develop automated, multi-touch marketing programs to continuously engage leads. In simple term it is a process, that converts more inquiries into qualified leads and qualified leads into sales. However, there exist a number of myths and misgivings about lead nurturing grounded deep in the minds o

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What is Marketing Automation All About?

In its simplest form Marketing Automation can be defined as an automated process that aligns and streamlines all your marketing processes like customer segmentation, customer data integration. It is the fastest growing solution for marketers and sales professionals. It is a software platform specifically designed for marketing & sales departmen

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Top 6 Benefits of Marketing Automation

More and more companies in the B2B arena have shifted their focus from traditional marketing strategies to the new approaches that include webinars, online campaigns, direct mails and webcasts. The best part about marketing automation is that it streamlines and automates most of the marketing processes that eventually help organizations of all size

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Are You A/B Testing Email Subject Lines?

So you have read that A/B Testing or Split Testing is essential for high success rate of your campaigns. Basically you are splitting some percentage of your contacts in more than 2 groups and send them 2 variations of the same email. First, you will send one template to first group and second template to second group. Goal here is to test which amo

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Marketing Automation Block: Is there such a thing?

You have just bought the subscription to your marketing automation solution after months of evaluating all the different marketing automation vendors and you are ready to start. And so you start planning your campaign and planning your data and planning your content and a few weeks go by and you are still "planning"! Suddenly your realize that you

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Marketing Automation: Why Every Business Needs It

Almost 90% of B2B companies today initiate their buying processes online. Most of these B2B buyers educate themselves through content available online. B2B companies go through a complex sale process that involve many people at different stages. This complex sales process is often accompanied with various challenges that traditional email marketing

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