I Dont Need Marketing Automation Lead Nurturing - I Have A CRM

" you said? No thank you, we are good. We have been using Salesforce CRM for our leads and its working well for us, we don't need marketing automation software to do the same. Thanks for reaching out though." Click! That was a transcription of a prospect our inside sales executive spoke to a few days ago and it wasn't the only one in which software

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Lead Nurturing Continues From Where Email Marketing Stops

Sometime well before even started taking shape, I was working with inside sales for technology products and services, we would use microsoft outlook as our primary email client and for a small startup company, it wasn't a bad solution to send out small email campaigns to a set of prospects although not ideal for larger campaigns. I think the most i

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Lead Nurturing - Lets Keep In Touch

Almost a year ago we cold called a potential prospect who appreciated what we could do for him but didn't have a requirement and wasn't interested in carrying on the discussion just then. A few months later we sent him another email checking up on how things were going and whether anything had changed since then hoping he would need our services. H

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Making Sense Of The Lead Nurturing - Direct Marketing Combo

Direct mail marketing is sliding down the popularity charts. It's not news, everyone has seen its decline and everything seems to be working against it coming back as a strong force in the mix. Current times demand clear metrics and proof of ROI. Can you justify sending a direct mail or catalog which costs$40 a piece to a database of 5000 leads wh

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How To Boost Your Webinar Marketing Using Lead Nurturing Principles

Webinars have become a staple component of the marketing mix and strategy for a lot of companies and yet marketing the webinar to drive the maximum attendees is a marketing challenge in itself. A large part of that challenge lies in the fact that a lot of components and activities go into process of webinar marketing and while each activity contrib

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