Lead Nurturing - The Solution To Stagnating Lead Databases

Now here is the problem: If you have a lead database with 100,000 leads and you pick 1000 of them every month to email and see if they may have some kind of immediate requirement, of your potential. The chances are, that most of leads in your database that had a requirement for your product or service at the time you sent that email campaign were

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Why Basic Email Marketing Is Not Good For B2B Lead Generation

Email marketing has been an important tool for B2B marketers over the past decade and more so in the past few years. However, while generic email marketing solutions help marketers to send large number of messages to their lead databases they lack in many aspects that are critical in.Here are the main reasons I believe B2B marketers must not use ba

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Lead Nurturing For The One Man Marketing Sales Team

So the giant companies have their complex marketing automation solutions which are programmed to millions of existing and prospective customers to gush out a flow of qualified leads to the salesforce and make sure they meet their multi million dollar quotas every month. How does and marketing automation software and technology apply to the one man

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Lead Nurturing Doesn't Add Cost - It Reduces Cost

Here is a paragraph from the Aberdeen Group for their recent research study, "The importance of being able to run programs has been quite clear for some time now and marketers looking to build a sustainable lead generation machine which churns out qualified and actionable leads have a the top of their lists. It's also widely predicted by fellow mar

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The Essence of Lead Nurturing

Seller : Do you need a pair of shoes? Buyer : No Seller : Here are some facts on our shoes and why they are better than others. Buyer : Hmmmppff..ok.Seller : Here are some promotions and discount coupons which you can use later this year if you ever need shoes from us.Buyer : Alright but I don't need them now Seller : We have just launched a comple

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Will 2009 See Simple Email Marketing Give Way To Lead Nurturing?

Just before the new year dawned put down their predictions and trends for the coming year. From what's going to be hot in 2009 to what we may see burn as business to business marketing evolves along with the technology that drives it. Based on what we saw last year, one of the predictions that I would put my money on is that more marketers will loo

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Lead Nurturing Basics: Be Conversational

Lead Nurturing is the process of reaching out to your potential customers on a consistent basis across multiple channels to build a conversation with them, engage them and build trust that makes them think about your company and offering when they are ready to buy. Once it is conceptually understood, the next big challenge is how to create lead nur

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