Lead Nurturing Basics: What is it?

Most businesses has thousands of leads in their but majority of those leads are not sales-ready. They are not in the buying cycle right now, but may be in the future. In such cases, its futile for the sales team to call on all leads without knowing which ones may be the best prospects to consider their offering. Lead nurturing is the apt marketing

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Why Automated Lead Nurturing Is The Future Of B2B Marketing

B2B marketing and has becoming increasingly challenging over the past 5 years. While marketers have employed a range of initiatives to drive demand, including trade shows, direct mail, email marketing, webinars and search marketing, buyers have evolved further to block out these messages to focus on what's most important to them. Yet, the marketing

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Our Marketing Automation Logo

We have just pushed a big update to our site with a brand new logo that conveys what Nurture stands for. Continuos relationship building. Personal. Easy. Innovative. I spent a lot of time and went through several options to finally come up with the version that all of us are in love it. Logos are a critical aspects of a product's identity and its b

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Lead Nurturing - See You Later But No Farewells

A sales call is going well and the prospect seems to be showing interest and asking a few good questions and all of a sudden the tone changes and it looks like this call is not going to end as expected... what do you do? Some would end the call and make up and mark the lead "cold" giving up on it and moving onto the next one. The others whom some m

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Lead Nurturing Tip - Strike While A Lead Is Hot

"Well ofcourse you should strike while a lead is hot...isn't that way too obvious a statement to make?", you might be thinking. However in practice, it isn't always followed by companies even those equipped with state-of-the-art . Leads which display a sudden spike in activity levels and can be scored higher are ones that are calling out to be cont

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