Are You A/B Testing Email Subject Lines?

So you have read that A/B Testing or Split Testing is essential for high success rate of your campaigns. Basically you are splitting some percentage of your contacts in more than 2 groups and send them 2 variations of the same email. First, you will send one template to first group and second template to second group. Goal here is to test which amongst the two emails yields higher conversion, which invites prospects to read, open and click?

When you go to granular level you would focus on each and every element on your email i.e. template (which basically is the email design), email content, subject line, call to action, timing of you campaign etc. To constantly optimize and make campaign little better than it's predecessor, you would tweak and test before you send the final email campaign out to the remaining prospects.

    Since, what works for your competitor may not necessarily work for you.It's wise to A/B test and tweak your email before you send it out for everyone else.

That was the brief of what A/B testing or Split Testing in general means. You can also read fresh A/B email split testing ideas. Now lets focus on how and what should be done to specifically A/B test email subject lines.

Split Testing Email Subject Lines

At a granular level, split testing of subject lines is vital. Assuming that campaign version A and B are identical except for the subject line, this is what needs to be tested:

  • Test to see if a generic subject gets more opens than a longer subject line that's more specific
  • Test twocompletely different topics as the subject line,to see what content isof most interest to subscribers.
  • See what kindof promotion works best by offering "Free Shipping" versus "15% Off".
  • Add personalizationto identical subject lines to see ifa first name greeting, for example, gets a better response.
By systematically learning from your audience and help you remove the uncertainties around email subject lines. There are tools to test email subject lines, so choose which works best for you.


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