Barriers to Successful Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation can be defined as an automated process that aligns and streamlines all your marketing processes like customer segmentation and customer data integration. It is the fastest growing solution for marketers and sales professionals. Marketing Automation also enables complex marketing activities that are very difficult to execute manually.

In today's challenging world, marketing automation has proved its mantle and is being successfully implemented in various B2B companies. Despite the fact that marketing automation has various advantages over the traditional approaches, many companies are still cautious about putting it to use.

In B2B world today, there exist a number of well established and reputed marketing automation providers who have built incredible platforms to perform a lot of function to support sales and marketing teams. This software called 'Marketing Automation' is often a misfit in some organizations because of few barriers.

Barriers to successful marketing automation are as follows:

  • Implementation : Once you have the software, the second step is to get it up and running. Traditionally it takes time to set up, from few weeks to few months. The organization often needs help of an IT person in order to make necessary changes to their system, websites and domain. If companies fail to set it right and running, then it becomes a barrier to successful marketing automation.
  • Training : Let us assume that your marketing automation is set up and is running correctly. The next hurdle to face in the process is 'Training'. Managing tasks in an unfamiliar and completely different platform is not easy at all. It is time consuming and, often, money. Teaching and training staff on how to use it can be a challenging task. At this stage many organizations end up hiring automation providers to provide training classes.
  • Lack of Understanding : Many marketers misunderstand marketing automation software. They believe that the marketing automation software will take decisions on its own. Which is untrue. That's the reason it becomes a barrier to successful marketing automation. They fail to understand that marketing automation provides a deep insight into audience behavior and enable them to execute a targeted and personalized campaign.
  • Lack of Performance tracking & Analytics : You and your team can not just sit back after successfully implementing an automation system. The real hard work begins after implementation. Marketers who fail to track performance and analyze results, for them it is a barrier. To make it a success, you have to constantly track, analyze and review changes in customer relationships. Keep a track of your performance and conversion metrics and make desired changes in your automation system.
  • Cost : The 'marketing automation cost' is identified as the biggest barrier in successfully implementing an automation software. In case you believe that marketing automation will cost you a lot, you must talk to you provider. Nowadays marketing automation providers offer customized software that are way cheaper than the complete package.


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