Dos & Don'ts of Marketing Automation

The marketing automation systems are intended to enable marketers to create sophisticated and engaging campaigns that automatically responds to customer behavior. Marketing automation help marketers to perform complex and time consuming tasks like lead management, lead scoring, lead nurturing and off-course CRM integration. In simpler term, marketing automation is the process of optimizing marketing process right from planning to execution to analysis.

Implementing any marketing automation is not very difficult. Just keep in mind the following Dos and Don'ts of marketing automation to get through the process of acquiring and implementing.

  • Do keep your marketing automation system easy and simple to use.
  • Don't get fooled that an expensive marketing automation system is always better than the cheaper one.
  • Do set realistic goals & targets in order to generate more and better leads.
  • Don't expect your system to create content for you. Except creating content, your marketing automation system does lot more things. Your marketing team needs to feed the content to your automation system.
  • Do use your marketing automation system for customer retention. Use your marketing automation system to identify, segment and determine valuable customers.
  • Don't assume that marketing automation is only for big organizations and small size companies have nothing to do with marketing automation.
  • Do focus on creating focused campaigns instead of broad and generic ones.
  • Don't assume that sales and marketing departments work separately. Marketing automation provide sales department with better leads and both the departments i.e. sales and marketing work together.
  • Do use marketing automation system to appropriately target decision makers.


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