How do I test a campaign?

Testing a Campaign before it is sent to all your contacts is very important. There may be some issues in the email template that are not easily visible. You can be assured that an email will be displayed correctly only after you see one in your inbox. Nurture allows you to get a copy of the email using the Test Campaign option. The Test campaign button is located in the Action column against the template name.

To Test a campaign you need to do the following :

  • Go to Contacts tab. Create a contact or a list of contacts that want to receive test emails. Obviously, you should include your own email id.
  • Assign the tag Test to all these contacts.
  • Now click the Test icon against the campaign name that you want. This will send emails to all the contacts that were tagged as Test.
  • Check your inbox. Open the email. Check whether everything is displayed as intended.
  • Click links that are present in the email. If these links are the pages of your website, after you visit the website, the browsed activity should also be recorded.
  • After performing all these activities, the activity counts against the campaign name should increase.
If all the counts are displayed correctly, the campaign is working fine and is ready to be launched.


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