How Often Do You Touch Base With Your Marketing Leads?

When you sit down to discuss the marketing goals for the year, you usually have some plan laid out where for example a campaign will be designed consisting of 9 email based reach outs spread out 3 weeks apart across a database of 10,000 prospect. However, unless its a pre defined campaign programmed in your its easy to find yourself in a position where after 9 months, only 4 of those emails ever went out. We don't always manage to touch base with our prospects as often as we planned to.

Although it wont help define what is the optimum level of email reach outs, we thought it would be interesting to to learn how often marketers are reaching out to their prospects with this quick poll. How many times do you reach out to your prospects? Please vote now!

Also, if your answer is not as much as you would have liked to touch base with prospects, please leave us a comment on whats the biggest challenge you come across reaching out as often as you would like, is it cost? is it time? is it simply having too many other areas to attend to?

Approximately how often do you reachout to or touch base with a lead in your marketing database?


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