Benefits of Adding Marketing Automation to your CRM Workflow

Its a known fact that integration of Marketing Automation with Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRM) yields far better results. Various CRM solutions have already come up with various marketing automation tools in itself which are great yet these are still CRM solutions which offers distinct functionalities rather than a true marketing automation tool which marketers really need today.

Since CRM solutions alone wont be able to provide in-depth analysis & end-to-end insight like marketing automation solutions, its vital that you choose wisely. Marketers need total control & visibility on lead nurturing process which includes:
  •       Adding qualified leads in system
  •       Identifying new prospects
  •       Keep an eye on leads-to-sales funnel
Integrating true marketing automation SaaS solutions like Nurture with your CRM workflow applications like Salesforce, Highrise etc. can create a powerful sales and marketing tool thats capable of addressing common B2B pain areas i.e.
  •       poor lead quality
  •       inefficient marketing-to-sales handoff process
  •       loss of leads in the pipeline
  •       lack of insight into buyer motivations.
When CRM & Marketing automation function as one, then both your sales and marketing teams stand to benefit from the two tools working as one. Small, mid-size or enterprise every company is leveraging and using marketing automation with their CRM workflows.

      Marketing automation is already used by a quarter of all B2B Fortune 500 companies and 76% of the worlds largest SaaS companies, and 84% of top performing companies plan to use in 2015. 75% of companies that have integrated marketing automation have earned a positive return within a year.

Benefits of Integrating Marketing Automation and CRM

Following are some of the benefits of adding marketing automation to your CRM workflow to enhance the capability of your CRM.

1. More Qualified Sales Ready Leads
Marketing Automation & CRMs seamless integration ensures that the leads delivered to sales team are qualified, sales ready and warm. Good marketing automation software will use the CRM database to cleanse, append and enrich contacts by doing various activities in the background. The end result would be sending back the more informed data into the CRM which is collected through visitor tracking, smart segmentation, form fills, engagement tools like pop-ups, subscriptions and lot more.

    61% of B2B marketers send all leads to sales team but only 27% of such leads are actually qualified for the sales for direct calls.

That's a very bad use of sales time which can easily be saved by using a smart marketing automation tools. These tools will actually cross-verify against their database repository to find all bad emails, bad contacts, bounce emails, call validations etc. and determine whether a lead is qualified for sales or not. Marketing automation software's save tremendous amount of time and energy which is required to differentiate between a qualified and bad lead. This data is synched to CRM for the sales representatives to prioritize and connect.

2. Prioritizing Leads to Improve Productivity
Marketing automation system when connected with CRM can also push lots of useful insight on leads historical data, behaviors and usage pattern which will help sales team to prioritize them based on the followings:
  •       Website visit or landing page visits
  •       Website visit frequency
  •       Time spent
  •       Form fills
  •       Download history
  •       Email interaction i.e. Email sent, opened or clicked
  •       Webinar attendance
  •       Social requests
For sales striking when the iron is hot is extremely important. That's why such data is extremely helpful for evaluating a lead and scoring, grading them as qualified, genuine, actual, sales-ready etc. Not only they can prioritize these leads but also they can rank these leads/contacts based on their actions and interest levels. Such prioritization ensures that sale team call the most relevant lead first. Moreover, they can prepare themselves for any specific information/question/query the customer is looking for.

3. Avoid Lead Slip Through
If you let a lead left behind most probably your competitor will pick it. Marketing automation system can very efficiently use lead nurturing to automatically drip content to your leads over time, providing valuable touch-points and keep your presence felt. Marketers can pretty quickly setup such lead nurturing campaigns which eventually become sales-ready without actually putting lot of sales efforts. Whats interesting is that sales representatives can use the CRM systems to view and monitor responses to these background-run marketing campaigns and take appropriate actions.

4. Shorten Sales Cycle & Speed Up
It is expected from a marketing automation system that it should help the marketers to move live opportunities quickly through the pipeline. It helps marketers use email campaigns, trigger campaigns, website visitor tracking, content and social media marketing, re-targeting the old cold leads etc. to nurture leads already in the pipeline.

    50% contacts in major B2B databases are very old or almost obsolete.

To facilitate the engagement going-growing, marketing automation & CRM integration comes handy by sending most relevant information to the prospect at best possible time.

5. Revitalize Old Leads
If a lead is not interested to buy something today doesnt mean they will not purchase in future. To revitalize cold leads, marketers can smartly create re-targeting email campaigns for all cold leads, recycled leads & potential buyers to re-engage. Marketing automation system can alert sales team if there is a renewed interest by such cold leads.

6. Awarding Credit Where It's Due
If you are monitoring your efforts from beginning to the end, marketing automation can quickly push expert insight within CRM pinpointing actions which brought success or failure. Misleading indicators like email clicks or high campaign rate does not necessarily mean success. Awarding credit where due becomes lot more easier based on actual facts.


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