Job Description of a Marketing Automation Specialist [Infographics]

If you think that Marketing Automation Specialist needs to have engineering skill to be successful, you are wrong. Marketing automation specialists job requires the following key elements:
  •       Proficiency on how a marketing automation system works.
  •       Understanding of the used database.
  •       Understanding the impact of marketing automation on organization.
Lets dig little deeper and see what skills marketing automation specialists require to be successful.

Marketing Automation Specialists, Experts Job Description

Good marketing automation specialists try and play with the marketing automation tool to see the capabilities it offers. Trust me when i say that marketing automation systems offer complex functionalities in general. A good learner always ask questions on support and try various things to understand every aspects of marketing automation system. They try to understand how they would:

  •  Send trigger based campaigns
  •  Send sequence emails
  •  Send emails at specific interval or time i.e. send email on Monday 11 AM PST.
  •  Go through support documentation to find out answers for any task they aren't able to   perform with the system.
  •  Create/Modify lead scoring rules to grade between hot, warm and cold leads.
  •  Create/modify targets, goals
  •  other business and campaign specific matrices
  •  Keep and eye on databases, some knowledge of database is essential
  •  Mapping out plan with the help of flowcharts
Ringlead have come up with pretty interesting infographics to outline essentials of marketing automation expert's job description.

Marketing Automation Specialists Job Description Infographics


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