Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

If you thought, Marketing automation has nothing too exciting to scream about, think again. Marketing automation does lot more than you expect. And the plus point, it does it neat and efficient. To mention a few things that a marketing automation software does for you are:

- it tracks visitors on your website
- keep a check on real-time sales alerts
- and Nurture leads.

Here are key benefits of marketing automation you can't afford to ignore

1. Help aligning Marketing and sales : Successful implementation of marketing automation system ensures to increase communication between the two key departments i.e. sales and marketing. It also maintains transparency between these twodepartments. Marketing automation provides a platform that help aligning and streamlining all marketing processes like customer segmentation, customer data integration etc. It does ensure that a good quality and quantity of Leads are being funneled to your Sales representatives.

2. Give you a fair idea about what's working and what's not : Marketing automation system gives a clear insight and detailed analysis of what part of the chain is working and what isn't. It also facilitate a marketer to make desired changes in the system at any point of time at any stage to leverage results. When all of the marketing task is automated, it becomes dead easy for a marketer to make these changes, which is not the case in manual system.

3. Reduces operating costs : This is by far the most attractive of all the benefits of implement a marketing automation system. It helps an organization decrease costs and increase efficiency. Automating the process of generating qualifying/routing leads help reducing labor cost and when the sales team get to focus only on quality leads or qualifying lead, it increases their efficiency.

4. Multi-channel visibility : Marketing automation system provide various touch-points to a marketer to connect with a visitor or a customer. It facilitates sales and marketing team to track a customer's activity and interaction with your brand / product. WhatCounts mention it in their "Lifecycle Email Marketing White Paper" that individuals who interact with a brand via Facebook and Twitter at least once a week are 33% more likely to open an email promotion.


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