Lead Generation Statistics

We understand that lead generation is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. A B2B marketer's job doesn't stop at lead generation. Rather this is the point when a marketer should focus more on lead nurturing.

Following are some of the mind blowing statistics about lead generation that would allow you to understand the importance of lead generation.

  • 60% of the marketers name lead generation as one of their top three priorities and 26% say its their highest priority.
  • 41% of B2B marketers say that their highest marketing priority for 2012 is to generate more leas.
  • 28% of B2B marketers are able to figure how much a sales ready lead costs them.
  • 42% name email as one of their most effective lead generation channels when targeting new customers.
  • Email is not only effective, but by far the most widely used weapon in a B2B marketers armory.
  • 88% of B2B marketers make use of this (email marketing) technique.
  • 35% of B2B marketers say that 'live events' are most effective for lead generation pile.
  • 31% of B2B marketers say that telemarketing is most affective for them.
  • 24% of B2B marketers say that the biggest challenge in lead generation is 'content'
  • 48% of B2B marketers state 'Case studies' as one of the three most effective content types, 25% state videos, 23% sate public speaking, 22% support white papers and 21% support seminars.
  • Inbound Leads cost 61% less than Outbound Leads!
  • LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook & Twitter.
  • 57% of companies with a blog have generated a lead from it.
  • 65% of B2B companies have generated a lead from LinkedIn.
  • 77% of B2C companies have generated a lead from Facebook.
  • 62% of companies say that social media has become a more important source of leads.
  • 81% of businesses have reported their blog as useful or critical to generating leads.
  • 80% of users said they would register for a whitepaper/ebook, while only 31% would register for a webinar.
  • 77% of buyers say they are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO uses social media.
  • The number of marketers who say Facebook is critical or important has increased 83% in just 2 years.
  • Over 40% of marketers report that Google+ is critical to their business.


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