Lead Nurturing Basics: Be Conversational

Lead Nurturing is the process of reaching out to your potential customers on a consistent basis across multiple channels to build a conversation with them, engage them and build trust that makes them think about your company and offering when they are ready to buy. Once it is conceptually understood, the next big challenge is how to create lead nurturing campaigns and messages that truly feel like a conversation and not just another keyword-filled marketing message or a press release-like hyperbole.
Its easier said than done, I know, but here are a set of ideas that can help you to ensure your messages feel conversational:

  • Use a language that is more like an email conversation rather than like a press release
  • Write about relevant industry news and updates that helps make the message feel like   a discuss of that recent news update
  • Use a personal tone and touch in the language you use
  • Using a lead nurturing application, construct messages that relate to the potential customers' previous activity with your messages or website so it feels personalized
  • Structure your email, direct mail and telemarketing follow-ups so they center around a particular topic area to create a multi-channel conversation
  • Structure successive to be related and building on previous messages to create a conversation that engages potential customers
These are just a few ideas that we have experimented at Nurture and I will update this message with more as we find newer ones that work. In the meantime, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and ideas on what has worked for you so all our readers can benefit from it.


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