Lead Nurturing Basics: What is it?

Most businesses has thousands of leads in their but majority of those leads are not sales-ready. They are not in the buying cycle right now, but may be in the future. In such cases, its futile for the sales team to call on all leads without knowing which ones may be the best prospects to consider their offering. Lead nurturing is the apt marketing technique that can help businesses to identity and focus on potential customers who are sales ready.

Lead Nurturing is the process of reaching out to your potential customers on a consistent basis across multiple channels to build a conversation with them, engage them and build trust that makes them think about your company and offering when they are ready to buy. Lead nurturing helps you to cultivate relationships with potential customers and to be right there when they are ready to buy. It allows you to create a stronger and more predictable channel for customer acquisition. The trust created by innovative helps you to not only be one of the shortlisted vendors every time a need arises but that trust also creates positive word of mouth where potential customer engaged with your campaigns, recommends you and your offering to other potential customers.

The most common channel used for lead nurturing has been email, but it is highly recommended to consider lead nurturing across all channels including email, direct mail and telemarketing, as every channel further strengthens the conversation and trust. Infact, the is getting increased attention and endorsement as it helps sales teams connect with potential customers and makes the follow-on email and direct mail feel more personal as potential customers are able to connect and relate to the messages based on their actual conversation with a sales person.

Are you explore lead nurturing as a way for cultivating relationships with your prospects?


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