Lead Nurturing - Bringing The Dead Back To Life

I don't literally mean "dead people" although it would be a great advancement in technology if lead nurturing could do that. I mean bringing dead leads back into the sales pipeline using . A lot of companies gather leads over long periods of time through various channels and somewhere along the line, they get marked "cold" or "dead" in the CRM and never to be seen again. These dead leads can still be very valuable but they need a little nurturing.

Eloqua shares a fantastic example of how VFA put together a to breathe new life into a set of old "dead" leads they had gathered over time in the post. The campaign succeeded in bringing back a tremendous number of leads from the dead. Over 120 highly qualified leads were passed to sales, and over $1.6M in pipeline was created. In a typical example, a lead may have been disqualified at a much earlier date, but given changes in the prospects organization, they were now ready to purchase and a sales opportunity was discovered. Only through nurturing and observing the buyers digital body language were these opportunities rediscovered.

To think a $1.6 million pipeline was created from leads that were presumably no longer worth pursuing, makes you wonder how much untapped revenue can be set free if companies everywhere would digg up some dead leads and them the way VFA did. That is something to think about right?


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