Lead Nurturing Doesn't Add Cost - It Reduces Cost

Here is a paragraph from the Aberdeen Group for their recent research study, "

The importance of being able to run programs has been quite clear for some time now and marketers looking to build a sustainable lead generation machine which churns out qualified and actionable leads have a the top of their lists. It's also widely predicted by fellow marketers that lead nurturing will be one of the key areas to see development and wider adoption in 2009. However, among those who have stood back from exploring a , there is a perception that implementing a lead nurturing program would involve a sizable investment or cost which is something that just can not be considered when budgets should be focused on generating new leads and opportunities.

Now perhaps its a matter of perception but investing only in new lead generation can create waste. Lead that are generated from campaigns and various other marketing investments that do not convert to sales immediately fall through the cracks and end up sitting in a database forgotten. Remember, there was a cost to generate each one of those leads and by not converting those to revenue, they simply build up cost as more money is poured into generating new leads. Lead nurturing programs ensure your leads are still being tapped and are still working for you even when there is no immediate conversion into sales which really makes you realize the potential of your lead spend and prevent waste. With a host of available with flexible pricing models, it need not be as expensive and investment as it may have seemed earlier and in the long term, think of it as increasing the efficiency of your lead program and not just as adding cost.


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