Lead Nurturing For The One Man Marketing Sales Team

So the giant companies have their complex marketing automation solutions which are programmed to millions of existing and prospective customers to gush out a flow of qualified leads to the salesforce and make sure they meet their multi million dollar quotas every month. How does and marketing automation software and technology apply to the one man marketing/sales team in a start-up or a smaller company? The multi-role professional who can be CEO, VP of Marketing & VP of Sales all rolled into one and looks for and sends emails while simultaneously making phone calls to prospects. Does it have any relevance at all?

It does. In fact lead nurturing is just as well suited to the one person or small team setup as a large global corporation. Working in a smaller setup, you tend to divide your time across multiple activities all of which need attention. At some point you may need to focus on . Other times would involve sending emails and making contact with these leads to see if they have an immediate requirement. Often, if they are not ready they stay in the database till the time comes to follow up and check on them again. Beyond a certain number of prospects it becomes difficult to touch base with every lead or prospect every month or very periodically as the number of contacts you add to your ecosystem of leads grows and even if you are methodical, it takes longer to get back to leads and do that regular check for readiness.

This is where can provide great support for a smaller team. It can't replace a call but what it can do is help you keep the communication with every lead you touched active till they seem ready to be engaged again personally. Once you have created a nurturing program with a series of emails and content which can keep your customer engaged, you have that system in place which can do those follow-ups for you to some extent and moreover you need not be overwhelmed by the volumes of leads that build up within your database. It lets you keep your focus and selling time on the qualified and sales ready leads and spend it on other area such as . With the help of a to support some crucial activities you can still do a lot without a big team.


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