Lead Nurturing - Lets Keep In Touch

Almost a year ago we cold called a potential prospect who appreciated what we could do for him but didn't have a requirement and wasn't interested in carrying on the discussion just then. A few months later we sent him another email checking up on how things were going and whether anything had changed since then hoping he would need our services. He sent a quick reply but nothing had changed. Since then we shot out some quick emails to him during the rest of the year to which some didn't have replies. He never did engage our services but yesterday we closed a new customer whom we had never spoken to before and guess who referred him to us? That's right! Perhaps the most powerful aspect of a is its ability to keep in touch with old leads and in-active prospects which have been retired to the database, keep your offering fresh in their memories and keep them engaged in a non-verbal discussion without having to individually connect with each and every lead one by one. It's often these regular, more personal messages which go out to your old prospects which help re-ignite the fact that your company is out there when they need you. Send them an email letting them know that you are moving into a new office space or that you have recently revamped your website and would love to have their feedback. Wish them happy holidays or tell them about the new office branch your company just opened this week. Use of triggers to send out simple personal thank you notes every time they download a whitepaper or check through to one of your product landing pages, all of these contribute in some way to helping leads build a relationship with your brand or company and help carve out a place in their memory to help separate you from the other options available.

Keep in touch with someone, they remember. Lose contact with them, they begin to forget. Keeping in touch with thousands of prospects may be challenging but with a little help from it's really not all that bad. Is it?


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