Lead Nurturing - Marketing Automation For Small Companies - Perceptions Can Change

There is a myth floating around that lead software are tools for the large organizations who have a million customers and a zillion leads to process. The truth: lead nurturing is just as applicable and beneficial to small and mid sized businesses as it is to the large companies. There was a time when having a CRM software solution was also known to be an expensive investment large companies could make to better manage their marketing and customer data processes but that has changed drastically with so many smaller to mid sized companies having and accounts.

Let's consider a local corporate travel services business which caters to travel needs, ticketing and car rental to organizations within the vicinity. They would probably generate a decent from cold calling, participating in conferences, holding promotional events events such as competitions, online inquiries off their website and so on. Like many other businesses, companies have a need to approach them only when they have a need to make travel they may need it is what technology can help do. The key is to be in front of the organization whenever they may need travel services and building a lead nurturing program which reaches out to the companies within the area with updates, messages, offers and other content helps to stay fresh in their memories.

I have been receiving email messages from a newly opened business service apartments chain which recently popped up a few hundred meters away from our office. I opened the introductory email for the first time and scanned through it but never really bothered to click links, check out the website or explore further. They followed up with messages on food festivals they were holding, discount offers during off seasons and so on but I didn't open those. Recently there was word that a potential customer was coming down to our city and we needed to come up with options on where he could be put up for a few days and preferably close to the office. That hospitality chain came to mind and I searched my inbox, went through previous emails, clicked through to their website and browsed a lot of information they had put up. I can't help but think if that business had a in place and had visibility into the enthusiasm with which I consumed their web content they would have called me before I had a chance to look at other options.

Setting up are not as expensive or complicated as one would have believed and just like Salesforce threw the doors open to several small and mid sized businesses with their CRM, we can expect to see take a similar path.


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