Lead Nurturing Myths and Realities

Lead nurturing is a process that enable marketers to develop automated, multi-touch marketing programs to continuously engage leads. In simple term it is a process, that converts more inquiries into qualified leads and qualified leads into sales. However, there exist a number of myths and misgivings about lead nurturing grounded deep in the minds of marketers.

It's time for a reality check. Following are the biggest myths about lead nurturing

Myth - Lead nurturing programs are designed to magically create demand for a product or solution.
Reality - Lead nurturing programs helps identify sales ready leads from your database or eco-system of prospects and alert you as to which ones are actively responding to your company or product.

Myth - Lead nurturing requires lead scoring
Reality - Lead scoring comes at a later stage. Monitor customer behavior first and then create scoring algorithms.

Myth - The sales people doesn't have a role in lead nurturing
Reality - Sales people are the ones who know how to establish & maintain relationships with their clients. Their guidance is valuable in the nurturing process.

Myth - Nurturing ends when a lead moves to the CRM system
Reality - Most of the companies fail to follow this but the reality is that you should strike a lead when it is hot. When leads display a high activity level the scores also increase which indicated that it is ready to be contacted and followed up. If leads (that have been nurtured to the point when they moves to the CRM) are allowed to sit idle for a longer period without being engaged by sales, the effect of nurturing will wear off.

Myth - A successful nurturing track never needs to be changed
Reality - The market conditions and customer behavior changes constantly. You need to track these conditions very minutely, effectively and constantly then optimize your nurturing process as required.

Myth - Start-ups or small business don't need lead nurturing
Reality - As discussed in detail in one of our previous blog titled "Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing Is Not Only For The Big Guys", the size of you company / organization is irrelevant to the nurturing process.

Myth - Lead nurturing requires no human intervention because it is automated.
Reality - Automation reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks and increase your sales & marketing team's productivity. But, optimizing and nurturing requires human judgement and intelligence.


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