Lead Nurturing - See You Later But No Farewells

A sales call is going well and the prospect seems to be showing interest and asking a few good questions and all of a sudden the tone changes and it looks like this call is not going to end as expected... what do you do? Some would end the call and make up and mark the lead "cold" giving up on it and moving onto the next one. The others whom some may call optimists would end the call but think to themselves "Alright, I'll give this one some time and then follow up in a few weeks to see if there is any change". I would say the optimism is a good thing because when it comes to how a qualified lead reacts to being engaged, has a lot to do with timing. Knowing a leads timing schedule and striking at the right time can spell all the difference in how they react to a sales call. is the tool that can give one that kind of insight. David Thompson, CEO puts this point across crisply in this short video clip which emphasizes the importance of timing:

So if you may be giving up on leads which are not put into a program and nurtured till they are ready, you may just be missing out on a future customer. Think about it.


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