Lead Nurturing - The Solution To Stagnating Lead Databases

Now here is the problem: If you have a lead database with 100,000 leads and you pick 1000 of them every month to email and see if they may have some kind of immediate requirement, of your potential.

The chances are, that most of leads in your database that had a requirement for your product or service at the time you sent that email campaign were outside those 1000 you picked to receive something about your business. Opportunity missed! This is how most companies would make use of their wealth of leads and prospects and not surprisingly as it isn't easy launching campaigns on your entire lead database and then again, it isn't possible to guess exactly which of your leads are looking out for what you have to offer and should be sent something from your company. The trick is to be in front of your prospect at the time when they are looking to buy what you have to offer and running selective email campaigns may yield results but it clearly doesn't unleash the full potential of your database.

This is where comes to the rescue. Having the technology to develop, program and automate sending multiple messages and content gives you the ability to reach out to your entire ecosystem of leads and identify the ones that are sales ready after every reach out. Once the campaign and content has been developed and programmed, the system makes sure the leads are being touched regularly without the painstaking effort needed to run smaller targeted campaigns. All lead data has a limited life and needs to be updated and cleansed with time and having large parts of your sit in the pipeline without any activity can lead to them simply stagnating till they are no longer useful.

Getting a simple in place will keep the activity on your leads constant and help you make the most of what you have gathered and have your database work for you. Think about it!


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