Lead Nurturing - Tracking Lead Activity On Your Website

It's a good sign when a prospect who has received an email from your company opens it. It's a better sign when they open and read an email multiple times and it's an even better sign when someone clicks through and actively reviews content on your web site. That's when you know you have a lead that's absorbing the content you've developed on your site and that lead is being nurtured. When it comes to being able to track lead web activity on your website, there is more to than the direct benefits of being able to know what the customer has been clicking and showing interest in.

With the whole evolution of online marketing, websites have become more than just an online brochure with information on your business. They are sources of rich content which helps prospects understand your offering better and help them decide whether you can help them fix a pain point. Websites have gone from being stand alone pages of information to an integrated part of the sales and marketing process and as important as it is to know what content your potential customers are reading to understand their interest level, it's just as important to know what they are reading to know whether you are providing them the right content and learn what you can improve on.

Using the web activity tracking features that offers, it's not to difficult to visualize the browsing patterns of leads on the company website. For example if a lead goes from your email to a landing page on your website, selects the product or offering which interests them, reviews information on that product, downloads content related to it and proceeds to a request form or tries to connect with the company, it displays a good website flow which is working towards building interest in being contacted by the company. On the other hand if the lead goes to the homepage, clicks random links very quickly and leaves the site quickly, it means the website is not able to keep them engaged and needs to be worked on.

Web activity tracking is a great indicator of what needs to be added to the website, what needs to be changed, what needs to be provided to make the website as much a part of the lead nurturing process as the software application being used. After all till all the elements work in synch, adjustments need to be made to reach that goal of generating a steady flow of qualified leads.


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