Making Sense Of The Lead Nurturing - Direct Marketing Combo

Direct mail marketing is sliding down the popularity charts. It's not news, everyone has seen its decline and everything seems to be working against it coming back as a strong force in the mix.

Current times demand clear metrics and proof of ROI. Can you justify sending a direct mail or catalog which costs$40 a piece to a database of 5000 leads which may or may not open and read it? Would it make more sense to send it to just 200 of those who are more likely to consume that mail and possibly even act on it? Sure! That's where having a in place can help determine the best way to use the personal effect of direct mail along with other electronic content, email, brochures, press releases and so on. will enable the company to leverage lower cost digitally distributed content like emails, press releases and landing pages to create that initial awareness and interest in the prospect and more importantly, single out and score the leads which are responding well to that content and showing interest in the product or service. The direct mails can then be targeted only towards these leads where they are more likely to absorb the content of the direct mail and respond favorably. For example, if knew that I have been actively reading up landing pages and their email reviews on the new "Dell Inspirion Mini 9 Netbook" and used that intelligence to send me a personalized letter with a 15% limited time company discount offer, I am more likely to act on it.

A which helps identify the active leads within a database during a certain time can help streamline direct mailing campaigns and make the most of its advantages while still being able to justify the costs. It's a matter of keeping focus and spending on what can yield conversions and cutting out waste. Lead nurturing and direct marketing, the old and the new can work together and work well.


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