Marketing Automation Block: Is there such a thing?

You have just bought the subscription to your marketing automation solution after months of evaluating all the different marketing automation vendors and you are ready to start. And so you start planning your campaign and planning your data and planning your content and a few weeks go by and you are still "planning"! Suddenly your realize that you are just stuck in the planning phase and have not launched a single true marketing automation campaign in the true sense.
You hit the marketing automation block! Yes, there is a such a thing called as the marketing automation block ... just that it may not have been coined below. Its exactly similar to the Writer's Block, which Wikipedia defines as:
Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work.
Marketing automation black is exactly the same. You get so overwhelmed with all the best practices and recommendations from consultants, analysts and gurus, that you just never feel ready and hence keep planning more. You don't feel like your data is good quality or your content will go viral or your email sequences are optimal. So you think more and plan more and yet, stay exactly where you are.
The key is to recognize that you are not alone and that every marketing manager probably goes through the marketing automation block phase. Its natural and the best way to overcome it is to start your first marketing automation campaign with what you have now. However your data, content and sequence may, just start with it now. You can then evaluate how its performing and make changes.

Another thing you want to do is to choose a simple sequence. A small marketing automation flow. A flow that you know how to measure the success of.

So its time to leave your marketing automation block aside and just do it.


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