Marketing Automation for Engaging Anonymous Website Visitors

Marketing automation can sometimes feel synonymous with just email automation, because majority of what is written around marketing automation revolves around setting up rules for sending emails.

Unfortunately, that is a very limited view of marketing automation and perhaps only one half of what marketing automation truly is.

I believe engaging visitors to your website is as important and fruitful as core email automation. When visitors browse your website, they are sharing a lot of information about their intent, context and requirements. Based on your website and content, you can quickly understand when someone is looking at your pricing page that they are potentially a good and educated lead who may be evaluating purchase options. A visitor who reads blog content and downloads white papers is perhaps early in the buying cycle. Without a good website engagement strategy, all your visitor indicators are lost completely.

With smart website engagement automation, you can connect with your website visitors, point in the right direction, guide their education flow and convert them into warm leads and identify their full contact information. It is a world in itself but there are lot of simple things you can do including:

Notification Bars

Create notification bars that slide down from the top of a page introducing the visitor to an update or guiding them to the next relevant point based on their click path.

Exit Messages

When visitors leave your website, you can grab their attention with an Exit Message that fills up the screen and gives you another change to engage and convert them. Works very well.

Scroll Boxes

When a visitor engages with your content and scroll to read more of a page, you can use intelligent scroll boxes that slide up from the bottom right to direct them to the next content piece of interest or a call to action based on the content she read.

Good Old Popups

Youll be surprised how well simple pop-ups can work to engage and convert anonymous visitors - of course you need to be super creative with your pitch and copy.

List Builder

The least you can do is get the visitor to signup to your email list and a smart pop-up form that go a long way in building your email list.

Social Connect

You want to bring back the visitor to your website by reaching them across other social channels like Twitter and Facebook - to ensure this getting them to LIKE or FOLLOW up with a forced pop-up can work wonders in growing your social audience.

These are few of many engagement tactics you can start with and then tweak and grow your conversion and ensure your visitors are not leaking through your funnel every hour without an attempt to engage them.


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