Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing Is Not Only For The Big Guys

A common perception that our sales team comes across while talking to marketing managers at relatively smaller companies is "we are too small for marketing automation technology or implementing a lead nurturing program". It's not always easy to break that perception even though a solution like is just as ideally suited to a small business or startup with a few leads as a bigger company. It's not uncommon to hear thoughts like "we would love to setup a lead nurturing program of our own some day but we just have about 150 inbound leads in a year" or " we are a small company and don't have the budget to invest in something like marketing automation technology as yet so we'll stick to email for now". If you are one of those companies that haven't considered setting up a lead nurturing program for your leads because you thought you were too small for it...I hate to break it to you but lead nurturing is not exclusively for the big guys

Sure, a large company with tens of thousands of leads from various sources needs some form of marketing automation to help them identify which ones are ready to be engaged but the beauty of what is capable of happens at the individual lead level and not just what it can do if you can feed in a huge list of leads. As a one man marketing and sales team of a startup, armed with a list of 200 target accounts and 400 decision makers can lead nurturing technology help? Ofcourse it can. For example, if emails were sent out to all these 200 contacts, it would still be possible to track how they respond to the emails and study their level of interest. Personalized emails can be sent to individuals and tracked too. Knowing interest levels and open times can go a long way in indicating when to pick up the phone and get in touch with a prospect or even when not to connect with them till they are ready. It's a great way not just to keep connecting with prospects who are not at the buying stage of the cycle but also to help sell smarter with more insight to the ones who are ready.
So what makes so many believe that it's out of reach or they are too small to use something like this? Is it the price? Just because one often reads case studies and news articles on how global giants managed to drive millions in additional revenue by nurturing their large databases of previous leads it doesn't mean it's so expensive. When we launched , we kept in mind it needs to be priced keeping in mind that it should be accessible and cost effective to both small and large companies. This is a great way to start a lead nurturing program without needing big budgets and similarly there are other hosted Saas out there which can get you started without putting a hole in your pocket.

It need not be too complicated. It need not be expensive. It can still be just as effective as it has been for the big guys but it's certainly not exclusively for them.


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