Marketing Automation: Why Every Business Needs It

Almost 90% of B2B companies today initiate their buying processes online. Most of these B2B buyers educate themselves through content available online. B2B companies go through a complex sale process that involve many people at different stages. This complex sales process is often accompanied with various challenges that traditional email marketing technologies cannot handle.

At this point, every B2B company needs a marketing automation process to make sure that lead generation process is able to handle these challenges. One drawback of a complex sales process is that the customer takes a long time to come to a buying decision. It will obviously not initiate immediately after the first conversation. Here marketing automation plays an important role in identifying customers at different segments of your marketing funnel segments.

Why Your Business Need Marketing Automation :
  • Marketing automation software can help create a consistent brand experience with prospects and brand community members without needing to scale up your workforce.
  • Marketing automation help you deliver the right content at the right time to all of your Internet-based prospects.
  • Marketing automation constantly move your prospects down the marketing funnel (top level to middle and then to bottom) and eventually convert them to customers.
  • Marketing automation enhances your business by increasing marketing output and efficiency without increasing headcount.
It's extremely important to understand & remember that marketing automation is just a software. You need to have a content team to feed marketing funnel with interesting and engaging content that converts prospects into clients.


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