Top 6 Benefits of Marketing Automation

More and more companies in the B2B arena have shifted their focus from traditional marketing strategies to the new approaches that include webinars, online campaigns, direct mails and webcasts. The best part about marketing automation is that it streamlines and automates most of the marketing processes that eventually help organizations of all sizes and allow them to respond and operate complex marketing activities.

Another big advantage of marketing Automation is that it helps in lead generation, improves cross channel communication and reduces the cost acquiring new business. Marketing automation provide tools for the sales and marketing teams which in-turn helps them to increase their productivity and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

While there are multiple benefits of Marketing Automation, but here we would discuss about the most important ones.

1. Marketing Automation helps marketing campaigns run more efficiently - The companies who adopt integrated marketing automation outgrow their competitors along with an increase in lead acceptance and increase in revenue per sale.
2. Increase market visibility and reach through multi-channel campaigns - Marketing Automation enables your sales & Marketing team to monitor a consumer's interaction with your brand. You marketing Automation software can deliver custom messages to various visitors landing on your page from Facebook, Twitter or any other channel.
3. Increase Sales - Marketing automation software provides your sales team with quality leads and customer's behavioral data. This in-turn help increase productivity of your sales department by 20 percent.
4. Identifies Best Campaigns - The Marketing Automation software is capable of automatically identifying between the campaigns that are and are not beneficial for your company. It does save a lot of time, effort and money.
5. Enhanced Targeting - A successful marketing campaign helps your team identify and evaluate "key-performance-indicators". There is a different KPI for every interested and not-interested prospect which is defined by lead score and Grade. So, Marketing Automation Software assigns a grade & score on the basis of various determining factors.
6. Deepen and solidify client relationships - Your marketing campaign is considered successful when it delivers right content at the right time. Your marketing communication changes with the change in markets. Here Marketing Automation help you set up the framework with triggers to deliver right content at the right time.


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