Webinar Marketing Tip - Use Those Precious Last Few Minutes Before The Webinar

I signed up for a webinar that caught my attention last month although now I can't quite remember what it was about. I missed that webinar this Monday as I was distracted by a slideshare presentation I was working on at the time. The truth is...I forgot about it and it slipped my mind completely. I had a lot of things on my mind on Monday and in my defense, it's been about a month since I signed up for it. Come to think about it, if I could just remember what it was about, I could probably search to see if there was a recorded version I can watch later today when I'm done with this post.

Who ever was responsible for managing that webinar and could have done a few things better because I had every intention of attending when I signed up but I didn't. So what went wrong? Lets go over the issues:

  • I signed up about a month ago and didn't receive any follow ups since the sign up confirmation email
  • Over time I've forgotten the webinar, the topic and the company that was hosting it. There was no communication during the month long gap
  • On the day of the webinar at the time it was to start, I was distracted by something else and there was no reminder about the webinar that day to ensure I kept that time slot free
  • There was no follow up after the webinar to connect with me and persuade me to check out the webinar recording considering I missed the actual event but may still be interested.
Constant communication. Those are the two key words to a successful which drives the maximum number of attendees. Whether you use an automated or email and phone calls to reach out to prospects, one of the main objectives of "to stay fresh in the prospects mind" is also what applies here. A simple weekly reminder about the webinar or leaving a voicemail can help ensure your webinar is still on your prospects agenda. Those last minutes on the day of the webinar is your final window of opportunity to try and convert a sign-up into an attendee and a small reminder can spell the difference between the two technology or can help you automate this reachout since those last moments are also often the busiest and reaching out to each sign up individually can be cumbersome. However its done finally, its important to be able to reach out to your audience and say "we start in 15 minutes, are you ready?" When you have done so much to drive sign ups you don't want to miss out on an attendee just because he/she forgot about it at the last minute. Make the most of those precious last moments!


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