Why Sales Reps Will Love You For Lead Nurturing Software

Despite whatever differences you hear about between marketing and sales organizations within a company, almost everyone agrees marketing should try and generate the highest quality leads (or well qualified) leads for sales to work with and not just focus on the volume. I was just reading a brilliant Marketing Sherpa case study : which is an insight on how telecom giant BT set up and executed a quick campaign with a message based on the current economy and raked in 270,000 in new contracts in 5 weeks. The campaign was built on 5 fairly simple but relevant email messages targeted towards how the company can help in the current times sent two to three weeks apart. The study goes on to explain more details on how it was structured but what they were able to provide the sales team in their report on the results from the campaign is quoted in step #4 here:

Step #4. Track response rates and website activity

    After each email send, the team tracked several metrics to determine customer engagement and gauge interest areas. They measured:
  •     Opens
  •     Clickthroughs
  •     Which page a customer initially visited
  •     Clickstream to other pages after landing on the site
  •     Time spent on each page.
Step #5 goes on to explain some more interesting facts about the information sales had to work with :

  • Account managers received an instant message alerting them when a customer had opened an email or clicked a link inside.
  • They also could access the email system to get a report detailing which pages of the site the customer had visited and how long they had spent on each page.
  • Account managers used that data to plan follow-up contacts with their customers, to answer questions or discuss products in which a customer had shown interest.
offers more than just automated send out of emails and auto repliers. The activity tracking can arm a sales rep with enough information about a prospect to go into a call or discussion with a mental map of the prospects interest. That can have a big impact! There is no doubt that BT must have got a number of things right with this campaign from excellent email copies, great target data and so on. Still, with the ability to track activity streams for the prospects, marketing was able to provide more than just a list of names and phone numbers to sales. It's this quality of lead intelligence that sales will love marketing for.


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