What are Archived campaigns?

Archive Campaigns are the campaigns that are not currently active and also the ones you don't want to monitor anymore. Also you may not want to delete such campaigns believing you may need it in future. Then Archive tab is the right place where such campaigns should be. Just click on the Archive button under the Action column against the desired ca

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What are Active campaigns?

Active Campaigns are either currently ongoing campaigns or the campaigns that you want to monitor when you visit the Automation tab.

What is a Trigger Campaign?

Trigger Campaigns are event based campaigns that are launched on the occurrence of some specific activity. For instance, you may want a contact to receive your Followup email after 5 days the contact opened your first email but has not done the activity that you wanted him to do. Trigger campaign allows you to design such campaign that will launch

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What is a date-based campaign?

Date based campaign allows you to launch campaign on specific pre-determined date and time. Here you can specify the Timezone that should be considered while launching the campaign. Date based campaigns are useful when you want to send weekly newsletters, event updates, etc. Your customers may be located in different country than yours. But you wan

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What is the Automation tab?

Automation Tab is the location from where you can create Campaigns, edit them, test them, launch and see the performance metrics. The Automation tab includes Email campaigns, Sequemce campaigns and RSS campaigns. You can perform all sorts of Campaign related operations from this tab.

How to Create a Successful Lead Nurturing Campaign?

As per various studies on lead nurturing campaign, one thing is pretty evident that at least 57% customer decision process is made even before getting in touch with the sales. In other words because of their extensive research, prospects are now well aware of the product, services as they kind of shortlisted the product which they are almost ready

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