Can I add multiple criterias in Trigger-based Campaign?

The ways that Nurture allows you to use Trigger-based campaign are as follows:
You can select one or more of these conditions.
1. Contact was sent this email
2. Contact opens this email
3. Contact clicks this link
4. Contact browses this page
5. Contact fills this form
6. Contact gets tagged with this
7. Contact did not open this email
8. Contact did not click this link
9. Contact did not browse this page
10. Contact did not fill this form
If you want to exclude some contacts from the above criteria, that can be done by adding the conditions from the Exclude menu.
The logic will work as : Final Contacts = All contacts that satisfy the trigger conditions will be added together - The contacts that satisfy the exclude criterion.
Select When to Send the Campaign after the criteria is satisfied. Now click on "Save" button to just Save the campaign. This will save the campaign conditions and it will remain inactive i.e. it will not launch until activated.
or Click on "Save And Activate" button to save and launch the campaign. This will save all the campaign conditions and launch as soon as the Date and Time condition is satisfied.