Can I define when my emails should to go out via Nurture?

Nurture allows you to set time in Email campaigns. Also, Nurture allows you to set some universal rules that will apply to all campaigns. For example, You have email campaigns defined that send emails when someone fills form, clicks link, etc. But also you want such emails to go out only on weekdays during 9am to 5pm so that emails have a greater chance of being read.
Such rules can be defined in Nurture. When such a rule is selected, even if an email was supposed to be sent on Saturday 9pm, it would be delayed and sent on 9am on Monday.
To define these rules, Navigate to Settings tab by clicking on the gear icon. On the left pane, click on Rules. Select the appropriate options to define your Rules. You can select multiple rules.
Note: All the selected rules will be added and the emails will go out after all the rules are satisfied.
These rules have a precedence over the time selected in your email and sequence campaigns. i.e If you have set the emails to go out on Monday only in Rules, irrespective of what you have selected in email campaigns, the emails won't go until it is a Monday.
So, please choose these rules carefully.