How can I upload Contacts to Nurture?

Contacts can be uploaded to Nurture using a CSV file. This csv file should contain headers. Email id column is compulsory.
Following are the steps to upload contacts into Nurture:
1. Navigate to Contacts tab. Click on the Upload button seen on the right top. A popup should open.
2. Browse the csv file that you want to upload for contacts.
3. In the Tags drop-down, select the tags that you want to associate with these contacts. You can also create a new tag by selecting the 'Add new tag' option from the tag drop-down menu.
4. Click on the Upload Contacts button.
You should see a popup showing the column mapping option. If you are unable to see this view and get error, please verify whether your file is in standard csv format and is UTF encoded.
5. On the column mapping page, select the columns that you want to match against the field names in Nurture. Only those columns whose headers has been mapped will be uploaded, no other column that is present in the csv will be uploaded. If you have some columns that the Nurture has not displayed in its fields, you can map them in Custom fields seen at the bottom. The header of this column will be the field name and the records in it will be the field value. You can upload any number of such custom fields.
6. Click on Upload Contacts button on this popup. You should see a window displaying the number of contacts that were inserted in Nurture.
Note: If the company name or the first name and last name is not provided, this is how Nurture creates them:
Suppose a contact is uploaded with email id as, the first name is jason, last name is bell and the company is created as simplewallsoftware.