Email Templates

How are Emails tracked within Nurture?

Email tracking is an important feature provided by Nurture to engage with your customers and gather insights about them. These insights help you in designing your email templates & campaigns more effectively and get more out of it.

Nurture tracks the email and other activities through a tracker code. You should have set up Nurture's tracker code on all your web pages before tracking any activity.
Click Here to learn how to setup the Tracking code on your website.

The following activities are tracked in Nurture:
i. Sent email - When you send an email template to a contact or a group of contacts via campaigns, Nurture tracks this event with time.

ii. Opened email - After the contact opens the email, this event is recorded. If the contact opens the email multiple times via browser, mobile, etc, each of these events are recorded separately.

iii. Clicked link - All the links used in an email template can be tracked separately. The instance at which the contact clicks any link within the email template, an event is triggered and the activity recorded. If a contact clicks multiple links multiple times, each event is recorded.

iv. Browsed pages - A browsed page activity is recorded after the contact clicks a link within the email template that points to any of your website's pages. It also records the time spent by the contact on the website.

v. Unsubscribed - The bottom of your template should contain an unsubscribe message. When a contact clicks the link to unsubscribe, the event for unsubscription is recorded. These contacts will be excluded from receiving any further campaign emails.

vi. Bounced - When an email is undelivered to a contact due to any of the Hard bounce factors, the bounced activity is recorded and the contact gets excluded from receiving any future emails.

The metrics along with the time at which the above activities are created is available on detail pages of Contact, Template and Campaign.