How can I create a Sequence Campaign?

A Sequence Campaign can be created in the following way:
1. Click on the Automate tab.
2. On the left pane, click on Sequence Campaigns.
3. Click on the "Add New Sequence Campaign" button seen on the right top corner. A popup should open.
4. Enter name of the Campaign. Enter a description.
5. In the Criterion select box, Conditions to be selected, Click here: On a Date or On a Condition.
6. Select Email 1 Template to send with corresponding sender. Click here: Different Sender.
7. Select Email 2 Template to send with corresponding sender and Click here: Add Delay.
8. If you want to add more Emails in your sequence, click on 'New Email' button. New list will be added.
9. Follow the same steps as Email 1 and Email 2 and so on.
10. Delay is mandatory in Sequence Campaign.
Now click on Save button to just Save the campaign. This will save the campaign conditions and it will remain inactive i.e. it will not launch until activated.
or Click on Save And Activate button to save and launch the campaign. This will save all the campaign conditions and launch as soon as the Date and Time condition is satisfied.