How do I send an email to a single contact?

To send email to a particular contact, we need to follow some steps:
1. Go to Contacts Tab. You will see the list of all contacts there.
2. These Contacts are described into three columns: Contact, Activity and Actions.
3. In Actions column, you can see the envelope symbol. Click on that. A pop-up will be poped.
4. Now enter the details like CC, BCC, Subject and Select Template. You can also paste your own text by clicking on Write a simple text email radio button.
5. You can also preview your email before sending the mail, by clicking on preview button which is placed adjacent to "Paste your own HTML".
6. If you want to attach any document file, that can also be done. For that at the end there is a Browse button. Click on that button and select your file.
7. Now click on Send Email button. Your email has been send successfully.