How does the Nurture CRM integration work?

Once the Nurture for Salesforce App is installed in your Salesforce account and you have configured the necessary settings in your Nurture account on the CRM Integration page, the App will start synchronizing the data between the two accounts.
This happens mainly through the schedular. This schedular will run & synchronize data every half hour.

The steps that are followed by the Schedular for every run (half – hour interval) is described below:
1. 1000 Companies from Nurture will be fetched and created / updated in Salesforce as Accounts.
2. 500 Contacts belonging to those Companies will be created / updated in Salesforce.
3. The tags to Contacts will be assigned as per the rules defined.
4. 500 Activities from Nurture belonging to the above Contacts will be created / updated in Salesforce.
Note: The above steps will happen as per the settings that you have configured in your Nurture account. Ensure that you have configured correctly or send us an email at for queries.