How should I use Tagging Rules?

Tagging Rules can be used to segment your contacts. You can assign specific tags to contacts that fulfill certain defined criteria.

Some of the use cases are described below:
1. Suppose you have a Contact Us form on your website which is configured to push the contact details (of the one who fills the form) to your Nurture account. You want to segregate the contacts that fill this form.
You can create a Tagging rule as “Assign the tag 'prospect' to contacts that fill the form Contact Us”. If someone fills this form, Nurture will automatically tag the contact with 'prospect'.
2. Suppose you send an email to all your contacts in Nurture. You would like to segment the contacts based on who opens the email, clicks link in the email and also the ones who visited your website.
You can create tagging rules based on the above activities and assign tags like 'active customer', 'most active customer', 'affiliate', etc.
3. You may now want that contacts which are now an active customer should no longer be tagged as 'prospect'. You can create a tagging rule that will remove the tag 'prospect' if a contact is tagged as 'active customer'.
Designing such Tagging Rules will help you segment your contacts automatically and help in creating targeted Email Campaigns in Nurture tailored for particular type of customer.

To create a Tagging Rule, follow the steps given below:
Go to Settings Tab by clicking on the gear icon located on the top right corner.
On the left pane, click on Tagging Rules.
Here you can define a rule for adding a tag to contacts based on activity performed, attributes, form fill, etc. Select the appropriate rule.
Select the tag to be added or removed.
Click on Add.
Within a few minutes, the selected tag will be added / removed from all the contacts satisfying the defined rule.