What are Website Visitors?

A good marketing software is the one that gives you insight about what people do when they visit your website. From which IP Address the visitor came from, what all pages does a visitor click on, the time spent by the visitor on your website, etc information like this can be very useful to decide your marketing strategies. Nurture helps in gathering insights about visitors on your websites. All you need to do is setup a tracking code provided by Nurture on all the pages of your website. Website Visitors are those anonymous people who land-up on your website and perform activities. Nurture tracks the activities of these website visitors like IP Address, Referer url, Time spent, browsed pages, clicked links, etc. To view the Website visitors, click on Contacts tab and navigate to Website Visitors on the left pane. A list of all the website visitors is seen along with the activity performed. To view the details of a website visitor, click on the IP address. To know more about setting up tracking code, Navigate to Settings tab and click on "Setup Tracking Code" on the left pane.