About Us

What is Nurture?

Nurture is a marketing automation SaaS (software-as-a-service) web application aimed at helping marketers build trusted and personalized relationships with their customers and partners. We believe digital marketing to customers has become cookie-cutter, lacks personalization and fails at building true relationships with customers and has just become a way to bombard information. It hasn't worked in the past, its not working right now and will not work in the future. The answer, we believe, is a way for marketers to target every customer with relevant information, analyze their response to it and personalize all future communication based on that. And do it without getting bogged down by complex software and IT issues. Nurture is our solution to this problem and everyone can use it - we promise!

Who is Nurture for ?

If you have customers and partners with whom you intend to build long term trusted relationships in a scalable fashion, then Nurture if for you. Nurture is built to be easy to use and to empower you to implement a reach out campaign that you can think of. So if you think of a campaign to send a certain content based on rules to a certain segment of your rules at a certain time, Nurture will help you build such a campaign in minutes. Nurture doesn't require any IT or software knowledge, so if you can use email you can use Nurture. Really - try it now and see it for yourself.

The Nurture Difference

Nurture is simple. Nurture is easy to use for everyone. Nurture empowers you to turn your creative campaign ideas into reality within minutes. Nurture is open and integrable with your other business applications. Nurture is affordable. Nurture helps you get started. Most importantly, Nurture is a fresh new way of looking at lead nurturing and marketing automation and we took special measures to not be influenced by existing solutions which are too complicated and do not fulfill the true objective of building personalized relationships with customers.

Commitment to personal attention

We are committed to making Nurture work for you. We work with our customers to help with any and all of their requirements and provide best practices advice and suggestion to help make their campaigns successful. Signup for a free trial today to experience it.

The Nurture team

Nurture is a a service of Better Software, LLC., a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California and Pune, India. Nurture was founded by Vaibhav Domkundwar and Shashank Date, who bring several years of hands-on experience in the demand generation and marketing automation space working with Fortune 500 as well as Fortune 5,000,000 companies.


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