3 Main Categories of Call-To-Action

When a visitor lands on your website, there is a reason associated with every visit. Either he is looking for some information about a topic or he is in search of a product or service. Wherever he lands, the page should include effective call to action that will help him find what he is looking for. These call to actions will help him move down the sales funnel in the buying process. There are basically three types of call to action that can be placed on your homepage or landing pages as required. The purpose of a call to action is either to create awareness, or content consideration, or decision making. A call to action button can be broadly categorized in three main categories, and they are as follows:

1. Awareness CTAs –  Awareness CTAs help your website visitors gain information & educate themselves about a particular topic. For example eBooks, whitepapers etc. These calls to action should link to a landing page which offers a piece of content that directs your website visitor to download that content piece.

2. Consideration CTAs – Consideration CTAs link a piece of content that helps in solving your visitors problem or provide a solution to your visitor's pain points. For example user reviews, customer testimonials and case studies.

3. Decision CTAs – Decision CTAs link to a content or a page that help your customers decide whether to buy your product / service or not. These CTAs usually link to to a free trial & demos of a product or service. These decision CTAs are useful when a website visitor has already decided on a solution for his problem, but is looking how you can help him better than the other vendors.

How & where you place your call to action also matters. Your primary CTA should be strategically places above the fold i.e. the first half of the page that a customer sees when he lands. So that your visitors should be able to see the CTA without scrolling down the page.

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