3 Pillars of Lead Generation

Lead generation is a process which involve techniques that enable you to develop an effective strategy for generating high-quality leads and have better sale conversions. Here are three pillars of lead generation that help you excel your competition.

Lead Capture :
The best way to attract a visitor to your website is to provide him relevant and interesting content which is valuable 7 important to him. It means, that the content you offer them is what they want & need. All landing pages on your website must include a clear call-to-action. Do not create a clutter, just a simple and clean design is what is required. To optimize your lead capture strategy, identify your goals early and prioritize based on your resources, budget and other contributing factors.

Lead Qualification
As a marketer you must find a balance between quality and quantity of leads as an ongoing challenge. You must be able to distinguish between a sales-ready lead and an unqualified prospect. You should also manage the flow of leads entering your system. The kind of lead capture forms you use on your landing pages also affects the volume and quality of leads and will eventually affect conversions as well. There must be a fine balance between which task is critical to do now than the follow -up or progressive profiling.

Lead Nurturing
Leas that are not ready to interact with a salesperson or are not yet ready to buy should be placed in lead nurturing campaign until they are ready. During this lead nurturing process they will continue to receive email newsletters, sales calls, white papers, leadership articles and webinars, which will keep them engaged and interested.

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