3 Reasons To Use Exit Offers

The online ecommerce industry gets hit badly when visitors leave your website without purchasing or converting into a lead. It happens with almost 98% of your traffic. It badly affects your business as well as ROI. However there are ways you can stop this happening i.e. through exit offers. Exit offers help engage visitors at the exact moment i.e. when they are about to leave your website. Exit offers are a kind of pop-window that contain information about enticing offers which are aimed at converting visitors into leads or sales.

Following are three main reasons to use Exit Offers on your website:

1. Exit offers Help drive more sales with incentives:
The most important why you should be using exit offers on your website is that they help you drive more sales. Just when a visitor is about to leave your website, the exit offer presents your visitor an offer that keeps him on your website and provide an incentive for them to purchase. This offer could be a 10% Off coupon code, a free gift with purchase, free shipping, $10 gift card etc. These incentives will drive him to purchase.

With the right offers, you can also increase the size of orders. Discount or shipping thresholds like “10% off of orders of $100 or more” or “free shipping on orders of $50 or more” when presented in an exit offer are conversion catalysts and they can increase customer’s order size!

2. Exit offers prevent shopping cart abandonment before it happens :
Abandoned cart is one issue that haunts many ecommerce owners. According to a survey it was found that on an average 68% of shopping carts are abandoned. Well, an exit offer specifically aimed at driving sales can tackle cart abandonment issues. Targeting and segmenting shoppers who are attempting to leave cart and checkout pages, you can present an exit offers to them that may encourage him / her to complete the buying process. These exit offers will work as an extra push which is required to complete the purchase process.

3. Exit offers generate leads that are more likely to purchase:
Many business owners ask 'where can i find most valuable leads' and the simple answer to this question is 'on your website itself'. You website is one place where you can be sure that the people visiting your website are the people who may convert into a valuable lead. If an individual is on your website, it is a sign that he / she is interested in your product or service. Your goal should be to acquire his email ID which can be done via an exit pop-up opt-in form. You can also add incentive or coupons to lure them to fill out the form.

One thing you must remember and keep in mind is, that your website visitors are valuable leads but the shoppers who abandon cart are more valuable leads for your business. According to QuickSprout, cart abandoners spend 55% more when re-marketed to so, at the very least, aim at getting their email address!

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